Shopify App Integration#

The page will guide you through the installation and setup of the Loyaltymatch Shopify App with your Shopify e-Commerce site.


The process begins by requesting a installation link from Loyaltymatch. You will need to provide your store's Shopify store URL. Log into your Shopify account and then click the installation link you received from Loyaltymatch. To install the Loyaltymatch Shopify app on your Shopify store you must be the Owner of the store.


Most of the initial setup and configuration for the App will be handled by Loyaltymatch. However, if you intend to display members' point total on your Shopify site a few modification will need to be made to your Store theme's theme.liquid file. These modifications are best made a web developer.

To allow members to view their current points from the storefront the LoyaltyMatch script should be added as a Shopify ScriptTag. This will require modifying your store's theme.liquid file to make available any logged in customer's email as a javascript variable. If you wish to enable this feature, add the following line of code to your theme.liquid source file:

<script type='text/javascript'>var customer = {'email' : {{ | json }}};</script>

Along with the script tag above, you must create a HTML <div> container within your Storefront to display the points total for a logged in member. Specify an html div xpath for displaying a member's current points as a small piece of text on the storefront. You can add a custom div to any page by modifying your store's theme files. Once a custom div has been added, visit the Loyaltymatch Shopify App's Setup page. There you will find a form that will aid you in adding the required content to your site. Fill in the input with its xpath and then click the button to add the script. Verify it is working by refreshing your store page.


LoyaltyMatch incentives can be created and edited directly within the Loyaltymatch Shopify app. Incentives will automatically be applied during the checkout process on any products containing the LoyaltyMatch incentive tag - "loyalty". Tags can be added to products in the Products section of the Shopify Admin Portal. Incentives will award a flat amount of base points and/or a calculated number of points per dollar on each applicable item in a customer's cart.

Create an Incentive

To create an incentive to award members points for a purchase select the 'Add Incentive' button. Add a name for the incentive. This name will appear within the member's loyalty transaction history. Add the number of points for a the purchase. Select whether the incentive is a Points Per Dollar incentive which awards points as a multiplier of the product's purchase price. Once added refresh the incentive list to confirm your incentive has been added to the loyalty program.


Discounts allow members to remove points from their loyalty account during the checkout process to reduce the cart total. Discounts will automatically subtract a given fixed value or percentage from an order's subtotal during checkout if a customer has enough points. If subtract points is enabled, discounts will be one-time-use and subtract their points value from the member's total points after checkout. If a member qualifies for multiple discounts, the highest points discount will be used.

Create a Discount

Select the 'Discounts' Tab of the Loyaltymatch Shopify app. Select 'Add Discount.' Select whether to reduce a member's loyalty points if the discount is used. Add the number of points required to activate the discount. Add the discount amount. This can be a Fixed amount (e.g. $10) in dollars of a percentage of the cart total. Select the discount type, Fixed ($) or Percentage (% of cart total). Once the Discount is created select 'Refresh' to confirm the Discount has been added to the system.

Edit or Delete a Discount

To edit or delete a Discount select that Discount's 'Edit' button within the Discount list. You can changed any of the Discount's configured parameters, as well as delete the Discount by selecting the 'Remove Discount' button.

Search for Members

The Loyaltymatch Shopify app can also be used to review a program member's details and point total. Select the 'Members' tab of the Loyaltymatch Shopify app to begin. Select the 'Search Members' button. Enter the First Name, Last Name, or Email Address to search for and select 'Search Members' button.

For more extensive member account management features Log In into your program Administration Panel.

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